Upcoming Workshops and Events

We run public workshops and events around all of our key themes. Our workshops are renowned for their interactivity and impact. Our aim is to help individuals develop knowledge, skills and commitment arounds issues of leadership, sustainability and safety. We know that to achieve lasting behaviour change that each participant must come to see the personal value in this individual transformation and so all of our programs are geared towards this goal.   

Our current public workshops are listed below.  We can also deliver in-house programs to businesses and/or community groups on an as needed basis.


National Construction Company October 2017

Our manual handling training was held this morning. The feedback and conversations I have heard over the radio are all very positive. I have heard comments such as “that would be the best training Hanson have put on” and “that would be the best money Hanson have spent on training”.

As our class was started at 05:30 there were some very tired eyes and people still waking up but the interaction between facilitator and class was good. Peter presented the information in a way our guys understood and I am expecting to see staff actively changing their lifting techniques as a result (hopefully).

Thank you for arranging this course I personally got a lot out of it.  Quarry Manager


Manufacturing Company Aug 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since you were down and the response that I have received from both the factories has been great.

We had our monthly committee meeting today and the boss said that he was absolutely stoked with how well you presented yourself and the topics of back safe & manual handling, he had said that he was really happy with how you made yourself feel like part of the work group and were able to communicate and talk on the same level as a lot of the workers. The boys have taken in the information really well and (believe it or not) are helping each other a lot more with lifting.

It’s funny actually, as soon as someone is spotted lifting incorrectly he cops an ear full from a few of the surrounding work mates… J  

Very Happy with how it all worked out. I Would Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking at completing a back safe and manual handling course for them self’s or a work group…