Organisational Sustainability

Businesses are beginning to acknowledge that sustainability is no longer a siloed concept, but a crucial strategy that lies at the heart of responsible, profitable business, with long-term rewards for both stakeholders and society. We specialise in helping organisations implement sustainable solutions with an adaptive management approach.  We achieve this by helping our clients to;  

  • Identify core social and environmental impacts
  • Develop Green Teams that are focused, efficient, and impactful
  • Green supply chains and optimise product life cycles
  • Create sustainability plans that are agile in their approach and innovative in their implementation
  • Develop sustainability reports that share commitment and success


We tailor our training to suit the participants and workplace setting around the following programs;

How to Thrive as a Sustainable Organisation

  • Making the business case for sustainability
  • Identifying your challenges and opportunities
  • Identifying social and environmental impacts
  • 2 hour training session

Developing Green teams

  • Introducing a new way of thinking
  • Developing Plans of Action
  • Engaging staff in responsible business activity
  • 2 hour training session

Sustainable Innovation

  • Exploring green supply chains
  • Finding new ways of doing business
  • Developing a Sustainable Innovation Plan
  • 3 hour training session

Each of these modules can be tailored to industry and organisational needs.  We prefer to train a maximum of 20 participants at a time which maximises individual attention and engagement.


We also offer the following Management Services;

  • Cultural Transformations
    • Culture Assessments
    • Organisation and Cultural Transformation strategy
    • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
    • Where are you now?
    • Stakeholders and Boundaries
    • Adaptive Sustainability Planning
  • Sustainability Reporting
    • Material Indicators
    • Gathering and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data
    • Engaging report writing and dissemination strategy
  • Community Partnership Development
    • Determine partnership objectives and opportunities
    • Strategic partnership brokerage
    • Social/Environmental Impact Reporting

We have been working in the field of organisational sustainability for almost 20 years.  Over this time we have developed a wide range of edutainment programs and delivered a broad scope of consulting services for businesses (large and small), government departments (federal, state and local) and community groups (environmental) all over the world.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our consulting to fit the needs of our clients and so while the above list gives an indicative description of our skills it does not cover the full potential of our capabilities.   

Contact Jane Stewart to discuss your unique training and consulting needs;
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