Leadership team

Providing vision, direction and a collaborative culture enabling the diverse business and functional units to unite as one high-performing organisation. If you are interested in joining our team please get in touch by clicking here

Chris Homsey

Chief Executive Officer
Chris is passionate about creating brilliant, exciting people environments where talent can thrive.  He is responsible for the company's operating activities, business transformation, growth agenda, as well as supporting new innovation and investment opportunities.
Chris has held multiple leadership functions through a wide variety of industry sectors in the APAC region.

Jane Stewart

Director - Culture & Management
Jane is a global leader in  sustainability education and training.  She works with business, government and community organisations to build capacity in their people to adapt to modern challenges in a sustainable way.  Her passion, knowledge, creativity and experience has seen her revolutionise businesses' approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.  
Jane is the co-founder of the not for profit organisation called Tomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability. 

Peter Broadbent

Director - Workplace Health & Safety
​Peter’s expertise is in workforce engagement and injury prevention.  Having built the highly successful Backsafe training program, Peter is passionate about assisting organisations to minimise WHS risks through an edutainment program delivery format..
Peter’s experience spans every conceivable industry and every day he contributes to the future health of tens of thousands of workers across the APAC region.

Trainers and Consultants

​Like every high performing business, people are our greatest asset too.  Our consultants and trainers are hand picked for their industry experience and ability to provide engaging services to our clients across the globe.