We assist organisations and community in identifying collective vision, and engaging for purpose of building ongoing relationships that provide mutual benefit.

Many organisations’ employee engagement programs include community service.  Often the connection between the organisation’s purpose and that of the charity or community service is weak.  Our strength is in identifying business activities that impact on society, then engaging via appropriate activities.  This not only increases employee sense of purpose but also support and positive interest from community in the organisation. Our ultimate objective is to create shared value for both partners.

Our community activity includes:

  • Partnering organisations with community for mutual benefit
  • Corporate volunteering co-ordination
  • Assisting organisations to minimise environmental and community impact
  • Cultural awareness training

Landcare Australia and Transurban Partnership 

We worked as consultants to help establish this very successful community partnership between Transurban, Landcare Australia and the community they represent.  We are very proud to have helped establish an environmental conservation partnership that to date has delivered the following regeneration projects; CityLink’s Power St off-ramp in the Arts Precinct of Melbourne, the M2 Macquarie Park project in Sydney and two Urban Landcare Projects along the Tullamarine Freeway corridor. 

Our director Jane Stewart at a landcare event

International Partnerships supporting Interactive Sustainability Edutainment

Our most successful partnership activity to date has been the bringing together of a large group of international partners to support the development and dissemination of a community based sustainability edutainment program around the world.  In summary we; 

  • Successfully secured partnerships valued at approx. $3 million from 52 leading businesses and 112 community organisations in Australia, USA, UK and the United Arab Emirates.   
  • Successfully distributed over 150,000 training programs to all schools in Australia, the United Kingdom, in USA (California and Minnesota) and the United Arab Emirates.   
  • Successfully reached more than 5,000,000 visitors through associated website.
  • Highlight – Presentation to approx. 3,000 educators, government and industry representatives at more than 30 conferences in Australia and other countries around the world. 
  • Highlight – Presentation at the White House in Washington to the US Government’s Interagency Environmental Advisory Group
  • See

Our director Jane Stewart outside the White House in Washington before she secures support from the US Government’s Interagency Environmental Advisory Group