Our Business

We pride ourselves in our ability to build personal resilience and organisational sustainability in these times of unprecedented change and transformation.

We do this through a range of training programs and consulting services which are based on leading proprietary knowledge, continual research, and extensive industry experience.

Our objective is to build capacity across all levels of an organisation so that all employees have the knowledge, skills, tools and commitment to contribute to productive, sustainable and prosperous activity into the future.

Personal Leadership Development

Everyone has the capacity to lead.  Effective leaders not only understand the needs of their organisation and team, they understand their own capacity. Our leadership programs focus on building self-awareness, resilience, and capacity to handle the multiplicity of challenges that leaders will face each day. This is further applied through our adaptive sustainability framework.  The end result – leaders who have the tools and influence to make a difference.

We currently offer the following leadership development;

  • Workplace Safety Leadership
  • Manual Handling Champions
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Emotional Un-Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Workplace Environmenal Leadership
  • Leadership for Adaptive Sustainability
  • 1 on 1 mentoring

Organisational Sustainability

We know that businesses operate in a dynamically changing, interconnected and complex global environment.  We have developed a unique business management approach to help organisations become agile in their thinking and innovative in their operations for a competitive advantage that serves them well into the future.  We deliver this through Tailored Training Programs and Bespoke Management Services.

We currently offer the following Organisational Sustainability Training Programs;

  • How to thrive as a Sustainable Organisation
  • How to use an Adaptive Management approach
  • Sustainable Innovation – what is it and how can it help us prosper?
  • Sustainable Supply Chains – how to maximise performance
  • Community Engagement – partnerships with positive impact

We also offer the following Management Services;

  • Cultural Assessments
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Community Partnership Development

Workplace Health and Safety

The greatest asset of every organisation is its people.  We work with our clients to create exceptional places to work where staff are engaged, healthy, and safe.  We currently offer the following Health Safety and Welfare Training Programs;

  • Backsafe - our renowned Manual Handling Program. Find out more.
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
  • Risk Management

We currently offer the following consulting services;

  • Policy and Management System Development
  • Workplace Design
  • Incident / Event Trend Analytics
  • Hazard Identification and Mitigation Strategy
  • Incident Investigation
  • Safety Tools Development
  • WHS / HSE vetting
  • Auditing
  • Staff Recruitment and Selection